Changing Your Gender Marker in Michigan

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The Big Three

There are three primary legal documents that indicate your gender in the State of Michigan: your passport, your driver’s license/state ID, and your birth certificate. Each has it’s own procedure for changing the gender marker. In general, you will need to change your gender marker on these documents in the following order.



  1. Your doctor must write a statement on their letterhead with the following informationª:

    • Their name, address, and phone number

    • Their medical license or certificate number

    • The issuing state or other jurisdiction of their medical license/certificate

    • Language stating that: 

      • He or she has treated you or has reviewed/evaluated your medical history

      • You have had appropriate clinical treatment for transition to male or female OR are in the process of transition to male or female

    • The statement must include, “I declare under penalty of perjury under the laws of the United States that the forgoing is true and correct.”

  2. These requirements are the same for minors and adults. 

  3. Your doctor does not need to provide descriptions of specific treatments. 

    • The certification they are providing is based on your physician’s clinical assessment of your treatment

    • The certification should meet the standards and recommendations of WPATH

  4. A template for your doctor to follow is provided by the US Department of State here


Driver’s License/State ID

  1. Go to the Secretary of State’s office with a copy of your current license or state ID.

    • Bring your Passport with the updated gender marker. 

    • If you have a court order for gender designation or a birth certificate with an updated gender designation, these may also be used. They are much less common.

  2. Once these materials are presented, the Secretary of State will issue a new driver’s license or state ID with the corrected gender marker. 

Birth Certificate

Currently, as of March, 2019, Michigan will only change birth certificates after receiving a medical affidavit signed by a physician stating that an individual has had “appropriate surgical procedures completed for gender transition to the new gender.”
You should send the following information to: Vital Records Change, PO Box 30721, Lansing, MI 48909

Michigan Department of Health and Human Services Logo.jpg
  1. A signed application form

  2. A medical affidavit, completed by your physician after you have had some type of surgery related to your gender confirmation process. 

  3. A copy of your photo ID 

  4. Any applicable fees

  5. *If you haven’t changed your name on your birth certificate yet, do that now too, and include a copy of your court order for name change. 


ª Language provided by US Department of State, Bureau of Consular Affairs